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   Activities and pleasures offered by the area

    Nature lovers- Sports


   There are possibilities for short and long mountain routes based in Palio Panteleimon and
   "Kastania gi". The marked routes to Paleos Porros are typically mentioned (1:30 hrs)
    and Ano Skotina (2:00 p.m.).

   For the most demanding the route to Profitis Ilias and Lake Kati (1400 m.) And from there the top
   Metamorphosis (1850 m.) Is unreservedly suggested.

   The routes to the high peaks of Olympus, the shelters Giosos Apostolidis -2650 m., Spilios Agapitos-Zolotas
   -2100 m., Petrostrouga -1980 m. Etc. are always close and are described in many special editions.

  More about Olympus here: The paths of Olympus

  There is also a path and the road to the bottom, Neo Panteleimon, the Castle and the Beach (moderate signage).
   See in detail the paths in  the Paths of Vasilis Livaditis,

  All maps and routes here:

Mountain bike

Our mountain, Kato Olympus, is a passable and smooth mountain, used for crops and logging. So there are endless trails and forest roads that are suitable for mountain biking, with lower or higher requirements. The vegetation of chestnut, beech and conifer dominates the paths and forms images of unsurpassed beauty.

For cycling routes see here:



There is in our area the organized team (OlympicWings) for guidance in the special agricultural points that are used for take-off and landing. The team also has the opportunity for double guided tours in the sport and agriculture of the area.

Sea - Beaches - Villages

The whole of southern Pieria is a large beach, excellent for swimming and summer pleasures. There are countless beach bars and fish taverns with good products and impeccable services, in most cases, depending of course on the preferences. A brief description of the villages from north to south ...

Panteleimonas beach

Our beach. The closest to Panteleimonas and the most beautiful (for our eyes).

Beach and pebbles for the most part and gravel where the wave breaks and for a few meters at the bottom. This configuration helps to keep the water clear even in large crowds. At the southern end of the beach near the old train tunnel, there are large rocks at the bottom resulting in the creation of an interesting underwater world. access to the sea.

New Panteleimonas

The village is built on a hill, amphitheatrically opposite the castle of Platamonas and has direct access to the highway. From here the sea is 1 km and 100 meters approximately altitude difference. The highway, at the moment, passes right in front of the village, and the junction that is created there also leads to Panteleimonas Beach and Platamonas (vehicles up to 3.5 ton). Passing through the village, the road after 4 km leads to Panteleimon.

The taverns and grills of the village are famous for the fine meats and the excellent quality dishes, all cooked with taste and local natural products.


It is the most famous village in the area and the first in which tourism began to develop back in 1960. A visit to Platamonas is characterized as "mandatory" for someone who wants to see it all. Modern and traditional shops that attract customers even from neighboring big cities. Fish taverns in the port, tsipouro restaurants in the old station, cafes and clubs scattered in the most interesting parts of the beach and unique shops hidden like shells in the sand.

The beaches of Platamonas are separated by natural or artificial barriers and each one meets other requirements. The range extends from clean sandy beaches (Kalamaki) to rocky beaches (north of Villa Moskoff). In between there are almost all gradations, warm coves near the old railway station, gravel and pebbles near the Church and pebbles with sand south of the port.


Cosmopolitan, noisy and long beach with sand and a few pebbles. The variety and number of shops in the coastal zone is incredible. The bathers come from many countries such as the Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe due to the many hotels in the area where guests come in groups.

The village is large and extensive from the sea to Olympus (old Leptokarya) and through it pass the railway line and the highway. There is a wide variety of shopping, catering and entertainment stores.


Skotina beach is sandy and the Greek element dominates there, as right next door there are holiday facilities for Air Force officials. In addition to the facilities there are a few houses and rooms for rent. Essentially, this is where the big arch of Skotina and Panteleimon beach starts, about 3.5 km long.

The village of Skotina, an agricultural and livestock village, is built higher at the foot of the mountain in an amphitheater. Its famous neighborhood is "Vassila" almost at the highest point of the village, where there are 2-3 traditional butcheries that especially in summer gather many gourmets.

south of the port.


Neoi Poroi is the newest and most "spacious" village in the area. It is characterized by wide roads, a wide residential area and a huge beach. An endless beach, with crystal clear sand, where there is not a single pebble. The sea is shallow and especially hot in summer. At the end of the beach towards Messangala, dunes are created and there is a small lagoon - Ivari.

The countless shops of all kinds and the numerous tourists turn Neos Porros into a bustling city.

On the south side of the village there is the wetland "Tithis" area that is worth visiting.

For more information see the website of the MUNICIPALITY OF DIOS - OLYMPUS


Historical monuments

   Platamonas Castle

  At four kilometers from "Kastania Gi" on a hill that dominates the Thermaikos gulf is built the much-sung Castle
  of Platamonas.The castle  took its current form in 1204, from the Venetians. Recent excavations have revealed Byzantine
  and modern history while legends and traditions describe the glamor that surrounded the site.
  The view of Olympus,Thermaikos and the surrounding area is  unsurpassed. Every summer, concerts take
  place outside the castle, as part of the Olympus Festival.


Eight kilometers north of us, were found the ruins of the ancient city of Livithra, where the mythical Orpheus lived and acted who sang with his lyre and enchanted Gods and people. Other archeological and prehistoric finds from the latest excavations in our area have also been collected and presented there, due to the new alignments of the Railway line and the T3 tunnel of the new national road Thessaloniki - Athens.


At 25 km north is the archeological site of Dion, with the archeological museum and the Mediterranean mosaic workshop. There is also the theater of Dion where in antiquity took place the murder of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. In the theater, within the framework of the Olympus Festival, every summer, theatrical performances and music concerts take place.


Churches - Chapels

Saint panteleimonas

It is the church of Panteleimon, well preserved, with lyrical decoration.

Prophet Elias

Picturesque chapel and forest location with wonderful views to Panteleimon, Skotina and Thermaikos gulf. At an altitude of 550 m. Is the point from which the paragliders take off to land at Panteleimon Beach, near the old railway tunnel or in another location depending on the prevailing conditions.

 Agioi Apostoloi

It is the church of the cemetery of Panteleimon in a position with a very nice view of Skotina, Leptokarya and Thermaikos gulf.

Holy Church of the Kimisis  Theotokou  Ano Skotina

It is the church of Ano Skotina, with a very nice wood-carved iconostasis. Support systems have been installed in the church to hold it until restoration work begins.

Saint Athanasios

It is the church of the old cemetery of Ano Skotina with well preserved frescoes


In our wider area there are important old and newer monasteries. Characteristically, the Monastery of Agios Dionysios on Olympus, the Monastery of Kanalon, the monastery of Agios Raphael, the monastery of Saint Ephraim of Syros and others are mentioned.


Auto - Moto Routes

   Based on Panteleimon and "Kastania gi", a series of winding roads, forest and provincial, unfold around
   travel man to the enchanting nature of Olympus and Kissavos. Where after each turn a mushroom sprouts
   new image, a landscape, an openness with unsurpassed views.

  Twisting among tall trees, saddles and ridges one discovers the unique beauties of the area that are captured in the mind
   for a lifetime. Indicatively, the following asphalt routes are proposed, which have, of course, infinite possibilities of modification.

   Short route to Olympus

   Panteleimonas - Kalipefki - Karya - Kanalon Monastery - Leptokarya - Neos Panteleimonas - Panteleimonas (60 km)

   Round down Olympus

   Panteleimonas - Platamonas - Tempi - Gonni - Kalypefki - Panteleimonas (74 km)

   Olympus Tour

   Panteleimonas - Kalipefki - Karya - Skamnia - Kriovrisi - Kallithea - Dolichi - Livadi - Agios Dimitrios - Katerini -
   Neos Panteleimonas -  Panteleimonas (185 km)

   Tour of Kissavos

   Panteleimonas - Platamonas - N. Porroi - Mesangala - Kouloura - Omolio - Stomio - Kokkino Nero - Velika - Agiokampos -
   Agia - Eleftherio - Sykourio - Elatia - Tempi - Platamonas - Panteleimonas (170 km)

   One day excursions

   Based on "Kastania Gi" one has the opportunity for interesting short excursions, half or full day.

  Dion - Litochoro - Saws

After a tour of Dion, the archeological site, the museums and the ancient theater, follows a visit to the stream Orlia with the idyllic waterfalls, which in summer can be combined with a bath. The first waterfalls are located just 3 km from Dion right at the base of Olympus and on the road to the refuge Koromilia. For those who love hiking, in a little over an hour they can be found on the red rock where is the large - about 20 meters high - waterfall of Orlias.

The continuation of the excursion may include Litochoro, a historic town with an altitude of 350 m. At the base of Olympus which is the main entrance to the national park. The large park, the naval museum, the area of ​​the stream, the gorge of "Vythos", the chapels of Ai Giannis and Profitis Ilias are just a few of the locations that the visitor can visit.

From the 18 km road that leads to the heart of Olympus, one can visit the new monastery of Agios Dionysios on Olympus, and the old historic monastery of Agios Dionysios which was burned by the occupying army in 1943. At the end of route 3 A thousand dirt roads lead to the place Prionia, from where the climbers start for the shelter "Spilios Agapitos" and Mytika, the top of Olympus.

The shelter "Boudolas", in Stavros has an amazing view all over Pieria but also Halkidiki and Thessaloniki. From the restaurant - cafe there, one can enjoy the view from above.

Kalypefki - Karya

Picturesque mountain villages, with an amazing square each, where the daily life of the relatively small isolated community is intertwined with the few visitors, local products, sea bream and wines .


Ambelakia is a village perched on the slopes of Kissavos that overlooks Kato Olympus to the north and the Thessalian plain to the west. It is the village in which the first cooperative was created in the world and its object was the production and trade -exports- of purple fabric of exceptional quality. The building - the house of the founder of the cooperative, Georgios Mavros-Schwartz - is preserved in its original condition. The building can be visited, on specific days and hours, where with a short tour one admires the murals and the decoration of the space, recognizes the way of life of the cosmopolitan owners as well as the structure and the details of operation of the cooperative.

The alleys, buildings and churches of the mountain village testify to the old glories. Remarkable and worthy of visit is the folklore museum of the village where tools and creations of daily use are presented.

The square and the surrounding taverns - shops are also the object of personal exploration of everyone.

Kokkino Nero - Kalypso Gorge - Mud Baths

Amazing, summer excursion that is combined, if one wishes, with walking in the gorge of Calypso with the goal of the homonymous waterfall. On the way back one can do mud baths in outdoor facilities located in the village. Taverns and shops are always close to the place and the sea.

Meteora - Skiathos - Vergina

For those who come from abroad and the distances of 130-140 km seem close, they can take the opportunity for a visit to Meteora, the monastic state built on the rocks of the same name in northwestern Thessaly.

A corresponding distance with a combination of a boat, for a taste of island Greece can be taken from a visit to Skiathos. Both destinations are included in day trips organized by travel agencies in the summer and start from the coastal villages.

Vergina, Edessa and Thessaloniki are poles of attraction, especially for our visitors rushing from the south and within the radius of action of Panteleimon.



Taverns - Cafes Panteleimonas

"Kastania gi" after consultation offers breakfast in the common area - "Estia" - where in addition one can sit and enjoy the warmth and family coziness, playing chess and drinking local tsipouro with rich (whatever you find) meze . Apart from these, however, there are many taverns and cafes in Panteleimonas that can satisfy every desire for food and drink.

Tsipouro - Wines

Panteleimonas is the traditional village of Tsipouro.

Tsipouro with and without anise

The modern distilleries of D. Papageorgiou and M. Hatzis using the traditional recipes produce exceptional quality spirits and supply almost all the shops with the well-known Tsipouro Panteleimonas. After consultation, they sell their products even directly to individuals. A special originality and tradition of the region is the tsipouro from coumara, a fruit of the forest of the region, which after being collected and fermented is distilled with results of amazing quality and purity.


In Panteleimonas, winemaking is limited to purely family productions. In the lower Olympus, south side, the Rapsani winery of Tsantalis, the Katsaros winery in Krania of Kato Olympus and the Dougou winery near Tempi occupy a prominent position. We must not forget, of course, that the Rapsani area is part of the »And is one of the most important wine-loving regions of Greece.



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